About us

One of the most charming things about St Lawrence Holiday Park near Maldon is its history. Currently a 3rd generation owned caravan park, the business has been in the Duce family since 1948. With Gary and Karen now at the helm, the park has seen many changes and improvements over the years.

Starting out with Gary’s Grandfather, Allan Osment, who returned from the war and bought the land as a working farm, only to realise in the first 12 months that farming was not the career for him, he sold off part of the farmland and the holiday park was founded in 1949.

Gary’s parents, Alan & Thelma Duce, became involved with the business in the early 1950s and by the swinging-sixties, the site was home to over 500 caravans. Regular visitors included family members of the famous Kray Twins, as the twins themselves chose to holiday in Steeple, just a few miles away.

Gary joined the business in 1980, choosing to leave his career in accountancy with Marconi and follow in his family’s footsteps managing the holiday park and caravan sales.

In 2002 some of the park land was redeveloped which enabled us to support the local community to build a village hall and play park, taking the site down to 11 acres. With caravans now much bigger than they used to be, the park now houses around 200 static caravans, including some twin unit and lodges, making it the perfect place to own a caravan on the Essex coast.

With plenty of the 11 acre caravan site set aside for spacious green areas, supporting local nature and wildlife, St Lawrence Holiday Park is spacious and picturesque. It has even been awarded a David Bellamy Conservation Scheme Award. Its views across its private beach add to its appeal and tranquillity.

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